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Has the Wide Layout Arrived Yet?

2009-05-23 16:53:58 by Hearny

Has it? how do i view it in that? 5/22/09 was yesterday

100 Episode Project

2009-05-12 15:13:41 by Hearny

Decided im going to make a 100 episode project soon, yes 100 episodes! Big ask? maybe but lets see if the character gets liked.. the movies will be about 2-3 mins long, every 2 to 1 weeks.

And hopefully i can get feautred, most of my of my other posts are not serious they are made within 5-6 hours.

Ye but i hope this series takes on ok.

Click here to watch it.

Hope you like.

What is Pico? HELP

2009-04-25 16:20:55 by Hearny

Could someone explain where he came from? im thinking of making a pico animation, but there have to be one certain plot or what? who is this pico guy lol? what does he do?

Where the hell are the people like, "Egoraptor" "Doki" And all the other top newground artists gone??

The front page is getting dull.. Ok so oney made something but apart from that. the rest are pretty bad.

They never seem to leave posts anymore or anything =[



2008-12-04 08:21:22 by Hearny

I Really wanted to get my Christmas Tales into the Christmas Collection 2008, the score was pretty high! and i think it deserved to go in there.

But it seems no one submited it into there =[ If you would be so kind to do so i would be the most happy person in my house...


New Cartoon Coming Soooon.

2008-11-08 19:34:03 by Hearny

Yea may aswell make a proper lengh one for once. see how it turns out.

So Yeaaaaaaaaaa keep looking at this page.. not that your intrested lol.

WHo knows MayBe IT wIll gEt FEAUTRED!?

New Cartoon Thing!

2008-04-28 09:24:13 by Hearny

Simple really, a day in the life of me. But this guy's called Tidir i aint called Tidir..

New Cartoon Thing!

New to Newgrounds get it?

2008-02-25 11:15:16 by Hearny

Ok so im new, ill be making some Animations very soon.. im not amazing at them but let's give it a try see what people think

Im going now but keep coming back for updates ciao for now, u get the rhyme?